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Inflatable targets

We deliver airplanes, sensors, data link, and OPFOR and DACAS.
We also supply one to one inflatables targets with IR heat signature to complete the scenario. (SA8 ground to air triple 8 and T72 tank)

 Dacas (Digitally Aided Close Air Support) supporting Joint Terminal Attack Controllers with digital means,making situational awareness in the air and on the ground more effective.


Our employees have a lot of experience in civil and military services. Therefore, we could give you high qualified answers to your questions.

Target Towing

Our Learjet could provide target towing services for Close in Weapon Systems, gun or missile training or weapon system calibration.

Electronic Warfare

Our aircraft are equipped for electronic Warfare (EW) that is, degrading the effectiveness of enemy radar and radio systems by using radar jamming and deception methods.

AEC Skyline

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