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20191006 1From 16 September to 22 September AEC-Skyline supported three big events, one event in Slovenia and two events in The Netherlands. In Slovenia we supported a Joint Terminal Attack Controller exercise with our Learjet. The Learjet (equipped with sensor and digital data link) delivered Close Air Support to NATO forces.

Last week we joined the #PurpleNectar2019 experiment together with #KIXS #HaiVision #Compumatica #RASUNIT13thLightBrigade. This experiment was a request from #KIXS and #RASUNIT13thLightBrigade for integrating multiple sensors with FMV and STANAG 4609 into different C4ISR applications but also in the ATAK application.

Come meet us at International Paris Air Show .... AEC Skyline will attend the exhibition at Le Bourget together with Forum Group B.V. Southern Cross International and JetSupport B.V...... We hope to see you there on the 17th and 18th of June

Paris airshow 2019

AEC Skyline

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