Swarming Drones - AEC Skyline Supports Royal Netherlands Army's Next Generation Concept Development Scheme

a 500In mid-March AEC Skyline's critical data solutions division provided vital support to some of the Royal Netherlands Army's latest innovation efforts as a series of UAS swarming concept development & experimentation (CD&E) trials took place on the Antilles island of Aruba. Conducted under auspices of the 11th Air Assault Brigade, these experiments were preceded by a series of training events that were initiated by the army's 107 Aerial Systems Battery and Domestic Operations/Mobile CIS Control Centre (NATOPS/MCCC) platoon starting early February. C4I support for these events was also provided by AEC Skyline with Aruba providing an excellent backdrop for the RNLA's UAS operations due to its extensive airspace and adequate radio frequency availability.

b 500Part of the army's overarching Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS) programme, the latest Swarming Drones trials saw AEC Skyline's staff delivering a wide range of C4I related solutions, training and services. During the March experiments several UAS took to the air, performing various tasks such as mapping, carrying out reconnaissance missions and supporting command & control, hereby paving the way for the integration of such technologies during multi domain operations, as envisaged by the Dutch military. Given where the innnovation project currently stands, in Aruba the focus was very much on connecting all elements and gaining experience with planning, configuring and managing various types of Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) software defined radios. Hence, AEC Skyline's critical data solutions staff joined forces with its partner, MANET radio pioneer Persistent Systems. For the latest concept development project this resulted in the AEC Skyline/Persistent Systems combo providing the 3x3 Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) configured MPU5 radio and its related WaveRelay and CloudRelay technologies, the latter for BLOS connectivity. AEC Skyline's LTE-A based adhoc router streaming box and a Starlink based LEO SATCOM solution were added while MPU5's intelligent Radio over IP (ROIP) tether feature was also demonstrated during operations in Aruba.

Part of AEC Skyline's Whisper product range, multivendor connectivity simcards were put to good use during these latest trials while the company also assisted in the area of tactical applications with Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) functionality being ensured for all users that were present. In addition, under an agreement with BAE Systems, AEC Skyline's personnel supplied the SOCET GXP geospatial exploitation tool while guaranteeing overall data access for participating units.

All photographs courtesy NL MoD.

Whisper – Your Hosting Partner

whisper logoWe are proud to announce the launch of our Whisper secure roaming services website: Aimed at corporate and government clients as well as organisations that are active in transport and logistics, Whisper hosting delivers assured and affordable international connectivity using multivendor eSIM/eUICC technology secured with VPN functionality.

As they connect with the largest global network providers using local rates, Whisper simcards guarantee fast and secure data, hereby allowing any enterprise to optimise its IoT approach. Enabling the use of the latest 4G, 5G and legacy cellular networks, our versatile simcards can be managed remotely using a tailor made portal, meaning the customer stays in control. All this is backed by dependable, around-the-clock customer support.

Part of our wider critical data solutions portfolio and already in use with the Netherlands military, Whisper hosting's advanced IoT simcard technology now becomes available to the wider market. Are you interested or do you have any questions about Whisper? Please contact us, either by phone (+31 (076) 2055 030) or by email (

whisper blue

ISR At The Edge – TNO, AEC Skyline Collaborate On On-board Edge Computing

20221103 01In mid-October many months of preparation on the groundbreaking ISR At The Edge project by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO and AEC Skyline culminated in a series of successful live demonstrations for a Netherlands MoD audience. The tests were conducted at 't Harde during one of the Royal Netherlands Army – Fire Support Command's exercises.

Providing on-board high performance processing coupled with automatic target recognition software and AI algorithms, TNO's Edge Computing System (TECS) demonstrated it is capable of delivering real time detection and identification of targets and events from live EO, IR and GMI datastreams. These datastreams originated from a L3Harris WESCAM pod and a SIGINT sensor respectively with the latter two sensors being mounted on AEC Skyline's GA8 Airvan testbed aircraft during the trials. With Havision's video encoding technology enabling high quality low latency full motion video, TECS generated information and imagery were fused into a single coherent picture, hereby providing actionable intelligence which was sent to the ground control station that was used.

20221103 02TNO's latest ISR At The Edge trials are part of wider technological efforts aimed at shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop during actual military operations. Planned future tests by TNO will see an even higher degree of autonomy being implemented.

The October series of trials were monitored from AEC Skyline's ground control station by one of the company's operators. Sensor and monitoring data from AEC Skyline and test results from TNO were shared with the assembled audience consisting of various Netherlands MoD officials at an adjacent ground location in 't Harde. During these latest trials, air-ground connectivity was ensured using the Wave Relay mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) MPU5 radio from AEC Skyline's partner company Persistent Systems.

Netherlands MoD awards five year Dutch aerial services contract to AEC Skyline

aec skyline defense contractOn 12 July the Netherlands MoD announced it has awarded its latest, multi-year aerial services contract to domestic defence company AEC Skyline. The contract's five year framework includes the delivery of airborne (JTAC CAS) and threat simulation, jamming and ISR services as well as advice & assistance and support to concept development & experimentation activities by the Dutch military. The agreement was signed by the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organisation's procurement director Roselinde Wijman with CEO Stef Have acting on behalf of AEC Skyline.

Adherence to various NATO STANAGs regarding the use of EO, IR, SAR still and/or full motion imagery, GMTI, the ISR library interface used is also stipulated in the contract as well as the ability to control the sensors of the platforms that will be provided by AEC Skyline from a ground control station. New capabilities required under the latest contract include multi-/hyperspectral and wide area motion imagery (WAMI) sensor systems. Also part of the framework agreement is Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUMT) training.

Building on 30 years of experience in providing high end, cost effective contract air services to the Dutch and allied armed forces, AEC Skyline is honoured to be awarded yet another contract by one of its foremost clients. AEC Skyline's CEO Stef Have comments: "we as a company are looking forward to strengthening and expanding our business relationship with the Dutch military. We are grateful to be awarded this latest contract which I consider to be in recognition of our high standards and the trust that has been developed over the years between our staff and the military. AEC Skyline's personnel will continue to provide first rate support during training exercises as well as operations with us, like before, aiming to operate as closely integrated as possible with our customer."

The services will mostly be rendered in Dutch airspace, although the contract also requires AEC Skyline to operate within NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP) countries, NATO allies and above international waters.

AEC Skyline will be responsible for procurement, installation, certification, maintenance, repair, replacement and adjustment of the mission and safety equipment and updates in the platforms used, either already installed or planned to be installed, for the duration of the agreement, all this in accordance with Netherlands military aviation regulations.

About AEC Skyline

AEC Skyline provides fast air, ISR support and critical data solutions to a wide range of clients including the Netherlands and coalition armed forces, the defence and aerospace industry, as well as to a number of renowned research institutes.

Operating out of Groningen Airport Eelde and Breda Airport, the company offers close air support, EW, “red air” training, target towing and remote sensing together with IT networking, systems integration solutions and consultancy services. Recently, LOWLAND was launched, our S2IX powered combat data transfer solution. This is part of AEC Skyline's growing critical data solutions portfolio which also includes Whisper hosting, our new secure roaming services.

In addition, AEC Skyline represents some of the world's leading OEMs in the fields of network radio communications, information management and video encoding solutions such as L3Harris Communications, Persistent Systems, Myriad Technologies and Haivision. Recognising the growing demand for unmanned systems, AEC Skyline also partners with Elistair, the renowned tethered drone company, and with Milrem Robotics, integrating new technologies into their family of advanced UGVs.

AEC Skyline launches LOWLAND, its S2IX powered combat data transfer solution

logo lowlands combat 4 01Venturing into the field of combat cloud services, AEC Skyline now launches LOWLAND, its innovative combat data transfer solution. Part of our growing critical data solutions portfolio that also encompasses network radios and secure IoT connectivity simcards, LOWLAND is powered by the award winning Secure Search & Information Exchange (S2IX) technology from Myriad Technologies. Recently, AEC Skyline and Myriad Technologies reached a cooperation agreement under which the Netherlands based company will market Myriad's S2IX technology in the Benelux countries. Australian company Myriad Technolgies is renowned for its ability to deliver a wide range of interoperable information management products including a series of solutions based on Microsoft's technologies. This corresponds neatly with us selecting the latter's Azure cloud environments as part of LOWLAND's overall architecture.

Aimed at ensuring a timely, reliable and secure transfer of critical data from the field to operational and strategic level command centres, even in denied, disrupted, intermittent and limited conditions, our LOWLAND solution enables defence forces to gather and interpret data generated by various sensors, systems using the S2IX template as it integrates with battle management systems and other platforms. Working seamlessly on all Azure cloud environments and their stack extensions, this allows a real intel driven approach by armed forces, creating a comprehensive common operating picture that ensures superior situational awareness.

With integrated data management easing planning, management and decisionmaking during multidomain operations anywhere in the world, our automated, deployable services come with multi-level security protection up to top secret, carefully balancing the need to know with the need to share at all layers of command and control. Securing the flow of information including big data between units, organisations, agencies, our S2IX powered LOWLAND combat data transfer solution ensures you have the latest version of information at your fingertips while supporting the key requirements of NATO's Federated Mission Networking (FMN) standards.

AEC Skyline's CEO Stef Have remarks: "Building on our experience of handling large volumes of data, this due to our ISR work that is based on full motion video and other imagery, we believe there is a growing market among armed and security forces for cloud based technology that is capable of turning data into actionable intelligence instantly while distributing, synchronising such intelligence across various C2 echelons, all this in a secure manner".

LOWLAND has already attracted substantial interest in the defence sector and was recently tested during a multinational interoperability exercise. Later this year our combat data transfer solution will again be put to the test during a series of exercises.

LOWLAND's full range of activities furthermore entails various relevant data migration services including systems and data analysis, technical design and implementation, essential tooling all the way to the actual migration of mission essential data and subsequent validation, all this backed by proper advice and assistance.

About AEC Skyline

AEC Skyline provides fast air, ISR support and critical data solutions to a wide range of clients including the Netherlands and coalition armed forces, the defence and aerospace industry, as well as to a number of renowned research institutes.

Operating out of Groningen Airport Eelde and Breda Airport, the company offers close air support, EW, “red air” training, target towing and remote sensing together with IT networking, systems integration solutions and consultancy services. Recently, Whisper hosting was launched, our new secure roaming services.

In addition, AEC Skyline represents some of the world's leading OEMs in the fields of communications, IT and video encoding solutions such as L3Harris Communications, Persistent Systems, Myriad Technologies and Haivision. Recognising the growing demand for unmanned systems, AEC Skyline also partners with Elistair, the renowned tethered drone company, and with Milrem Robotics, integrating new technologies into their family of advanced UGVs.

AEC Skyline supports Inmarsat's Operation Beyond the Horizon event series

obth aec skylineIn mid-June AEC Skyline participated in yet another Inmarsat Global Government led Operation Beyond the Horizon (OBTH) event at the British Army's Larkhill Camp. OBTH's aim is to showcase the latest technological advances in the field of satellite communications and how these apply to military operations in remote areas where there is little to no reliable terrestial communications networks. Building on similar succesful OBTH events that were conducted earlier this year, the latest edition saw our personnel supporting a live, joint SATCOM capability demonstration for an international audience that included UK, German and Netherlands MoD staff.

Combining state-of-the-art low latency video encoding technology with advanced LTE mobile routers from our respective partners Haivision and Peplink, all this supported by multivendor connectivity simcards from our Whisper secure roaming services, AEC Skyline demonstrated its ability to seamlessly connect its products with a broad range of communications solutions provided by other vendors.

Among the realistic operational scenarios that were simulated during the OBTH event series were reconnaissance on foot (dismounted soldier), mobile reconnaissance, covert surveillance and Forward Operating Base (FOB) operations with the provision of Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) tactical push-to-talk (PTT), ISR, BMS connectivity and enhanced situational awareness being demonstrated, both on the move or when operating stationary.

C-UAS - AEC Skyline en ForcePro slaan de handen ineen

c uas aec skyline and forceproOp 22 maart j.l. tekenden de CEO’s van AEC Skyline en ForcePro bv, Stef Have en Theo Karafantis, een samenwerkingscontract op het gebied van de verdere ontwikkeling van Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) mogelijkheden binnen de Benelux. Dit betreft zowel militaire als civiele toepassingen van C-UAS-technologie die steeds meer aan belang winnen, dit gezien de proliferatie van onbemande systemen en het gevaar dat daarvan uitgaat.

Door de bundeling van krachten beoogt deze nieuwe speler in de markt een breder bereik. De kennis en expertise opgedaan door specialisten van beide ondernemingen zijn complementair waardoor het nu ontstane partnerschap nog meer dan voorheen in staat zal blijken zich toe te leggen op het leveren van een kosteneffectieve totaaloplossing aan de klant.

Over AEC Skyline, Force Pro

AEC Skyline heeft jarenlang ervaring v.w.b. het leveren van aerial services (close air support, electronic warfare, ISR) en kritische dataoplossingen (systeemintegratie, IT-netwerken) aan Defensie, industrie en onderzoeksinstituten. Daarnaast vertegenwoordigt het bedrijf diverse leveranciers van relevante missiesystemen in Nederland. Zodoende beschikt het bedrijf over uitgebreide kennis als het gaat om het hanteren van diverse typen sensoren, EW-systemen, het ontsluiten van data maar ook het inrichten van de overkoepelende systeemarchitectuur.

ForcePro op zijn beurt heeft zijn sporen verdiend met het verzilveren en naar tevredenheid uitvoeren van diverse tenders binnen het C-UAS-domein, dit als vertegenwoordiger van het internationaal opererende DroneShield, bekend van zijn handzame en effectieve C-UAS-technologie (detectie, effectors, command & control).

Het is de stellige overtuiging van beide CEO's dat de twee partijen elkaar zullen versterken als het gaat om het leveren en onderhouden van oplossingen die de gehele C-UAS keten, van detectie, identificatie en classificatie tot en met interceptie, beslaan. Intussen is het nieuwe samenwerkingsverband voortvarend aan de slag gegaan en participeert het al gezamenlijk in diverse projecten.

Bold Quest 21.2 - AEC Skyline provides DACAS, airborne C2 node

Executed between 1 and 17 November, edition 21.2 of exercise Bold Quest (BQ) brought AEC Skyline yet again to the United States, in this case to the state of Indiana, to provide vital Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS), ISR and C4I support. Prior to the event our personnel linked up with Alpha-1 Aerospace and L3Harris Technologies at Indiana's Columbus Municipal Airport. Here, thorough systems integration and testing of the Air Tractor AT-802U based Sky Warden ISR Strike aircraft was conducted before our team started operating over Camp Atterbury's training area during the exercise.

BQ 21.2's initial, week long lab testing phase was used to conduct a series of ground and air tests in close cooperation with Dutch Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) taking part in the exercise. This combined with the subsequent live execution phase saw our team delivering a total of 50 hours of DACAS and ISR to Bold Quest's multinational training audience. This included almost 200 JTAC supported controls, mostly in support of Netherlands MoD DACAS Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and CAS C2 development aims. In addition to being tasked to support participating Dutch units, ISR missions were also flown on behalf of Australian Special Operations Forces.


aec sensor to shootSponsored by the US Joint Staff, the Bold Quest exercise series is aimed at improving coalition interoperability of joint and combined fires and tactical sensor-to-shooter loops. Specific Dutch aims during BQ 21.2 included the testing and validation of various engineering change proposals to the existing mobileJECL communications based JTAC equipment ensemble, also known as the NLD Android Precision Assault Strike Suite (APASS), the integration of emerging capabilities such as NET-T, MANET and Handheld Link-16 and the assessment of new Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) communications options. Also high on the agenda were trials aimed at improving the integration of land and air C2 information flows at all levels together with the testing of airborne hub CONOPS for ground networks.

In order to achieve these aims we fielded the advanced Sky Warden aircraft as a combined airborne C2 node, DACAS platform. Hence, Sky Warden was equipped with a wide array of systems and EO/IR sensors including ANW2C which was used for C2 purposes. Stauder Technologies' JECL based GustoAir kneeboard air-ground communications device combined moving map with situational awareness overlay while imagery was generated by WESCAM MX-20, MX-15 pods. Other systems included a VORTEXi transceiver (FMV, KLV), PRC-117G (VMF), Link-16 STT and MPU-5, the latter furnished by our partner Persistent Systems.

aec bold quest

During the exercise Sky Warden demonstrated its ability to provide persistent support, providing all weather, day and night capability to its JTAC customers. BQ21.2's live air phase included a memorable mission that saw us logging 7.7 hours of continuous operations in the air with more than 2 hours of fuel remaining in the Sky Warden aircraft at the end of the mission.

In an effort to guarantee adequate connectivity during the exercise, AEC Skyline also deployed some of its bespoke critical data solutions including LTEA, 5G network capability backed by a secure VPN functionality.

About AEC Skyline

AEC Skyline provides fast air, ISR support and critical data solutions to the military, the defence and aerospace industry, and research institutes. Operating out of Groningen Airport Eelde and Breda Airport in the Netherlands, the company offers close air support, electronic warfare, “red air” training, remote sensing and target towing together with networking and consultancy solutions.

Overcoming the Limitations of Video Transport Methods for the Defense Department

armyOvercoming the Limitations of Video Transport Methods for the Defense Department - Find out how to address video degradation in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance workflows with the Secure Reliable Transport protocol.

From John Leipper, director of product strategy at Havision, the low latency video streaming, encoding company AEC Skyline is proud to represent in the Netherlands.

Bottom line: "Despite the rapid, recent evolution of video technology, the level of video quality generated by cameras and sensors during ISR activities doesn’t always make it to the end users. The transmission path is often the culprit, and SRT offers a way to overcome the most common issues — if defense organizations are prepared to embrace it."

Read more:

Exercise Green Griffin - AEC Skyline provides critical data, CAS training

oefening green griffin Remy Sapuletejfoto Remy SapuletejOrganised by the German Rapid Reaction Division, exercise Green Griffin 2021 saw some 3000 troops from Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and the United States being trained in Eastern Germany between 27 September and 8 October.

During the latest iteration of the bi-annual field training exercise, AEC Skyline deployed its Learjet 36A platform, hereby delivering much needed Close Air Support (CAS) training. Meanwhile, vital, specialist C4I support by AEC Skyline aided some of the ongoing ground operations by establishing critical communications.

In addition to German and Romanian troops, Green Griffin participants included elements from the Dutch 11th Airmobile Brigade (Air Assault). In its turn, the exercise's ground component was supported by Dutch, German and US rotary wing assets.

One of the units from the Dutch Airmobile Brigade that was involved was the brigade recce squadron's Pathfinder platoon. Renowned for their ability to reconnoitre potential landing sites for air assault, airborne and tactical air landing operations, the pathfinders brought along some of their recently acquired mini unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Among the capabilities provided by these UAS is the ability to generate imagery of possible landing sites from the air. This provides friendly forces with considerable stand off range from enemy troops that might be operating in the area.

However, in order to guarantee adequate situational awareness among the full Pathfinder platoon as well as in the tactical operations centre, AEC Skyline was asked to deploy an Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) server/media gateway combo. The latter equipment provided the essential linkage between the platoon's and higher echelon's various ATAK, WinTAK users.

Meanwhile, the adhoc router streaming box we deployed, combining Peplink's LTE-A with Haivision's video encoding technology, allowed us to distribute UAS video feeds, reports, 2D and 3D overlays. In addition, ATAK users benefitted from Level 2 Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED L2), on- and offline maps. Communications using the devices that have been issued to the pathfinders to run ATAK and other applications, was enabled by our multivendor connectivity simcards, the latter provided through AEC Skyline's Whisper secure roaming services.

AEC Skyline en Logistiek Centrum Woensdrecht slaan de handen ineen voor pilot project

adaptieve krijgsmacht aero l 139 albatrosAEC Skyline heette recent op thuisbasis Groningen Airport Eelde zijn nieuwste aanwinst welkom, een extra Aero L-39 Albatros. Voor het assembleren van het toestel werd eind juni een beroep gedaan op ondersteuning vanuit het Logistiek Centrum Woensdrecht (LCW) van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht. Twee onderhoudsmonteurs van 980 Vliegtuig- en Helikopteronderhoud squadron monteerden onder meer het staartstuk en de vleugels aan de romp van het vliegtuig. Dit alles gebeurde onder supervisie van AEC Skyline's maintenance manager.

Met deze samenwerking met 980 Squadron zet AEC Skyline een eerste stap voor wat betreft het bijdragen aan het concept van de adaptieve krijgsmacht. Naast een sterkere verankering in de samenleving door uitwisseling van personeel, biedt deze nieuwe werkwijze aan Defensie flexibiliteit voor wat betreft benodigde capaciteiten en extra ervaringsopbouw. Dit heeft het oogmerk de inzetbaarheid en het voortzettingsvermogen van de krijgsmacht te verhogen.

AEC Skyline kijkt uit naar een structurele, adaptieve samenwerking. Dit is immers een win-win situatie voor beide partijen aangezien de wisselwerking, met in dit geval LCW, op doelmatige wijze over en weer voorziet in capaciteiten die niet onafgebroken aanwezig hoeven te zijn. Hierdoor kunnen over en weer pieken en dalen worden opgevangen 

AEC Skyline levert met zijn vloot L-39s Close Air Support training voor Joint Terminal Attack Controllers van onder meer de Koninklijke Landmacht en het Korps Mariniers. Het bijzondere aan de komst van de nieuwe L-39 is dat AEC Skyline hiermee een toestel bezit dat nog beschikt over de originele mission computer evenals hardpoints onder de vleugels. Dit stelt ons in staat om bijvoorbeeld daadwerkelijk live BDU oefenbommen af te werpen mocht Defensie daar in de toekomst een beroep op willen doen.

AEC Skyline demonstreert Close Air Support expertise aan Commandant Landstrijdkrachten

Close Air Support AEC skylineOp 17 augustus bracht de Commandant Landstrijdkrachten (C-LAS), luitenant-generaal Martin Wijnen, een bezoek aan de School Grond-Lucht Samenwerking (SGLS) van Defensie. In Schaarsbergen werd hij welkom geheten bij onder meer de Instructiegroep Fixed Wing (IGFW) van deze school. Tijdens zijn bezoek kreeg C-LAS stapsgewijs te zien hoe vandaag de dag de Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) van o.a. de Koninklijke Landmacht en het Korps Mariniers worden opgeleid. Ook het nieuwe Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) kwam hierbij aan bod. AEC Skyline demonstreerde zijn kunnen door de afsluitende CAS-missie op het dak van het SGLS-gebouw te ondersteunen met een L-39 Albatros voorzien van een L3Harris Wescam EO/IR sensor pod en bijbehorende datalink.

AEC Skyline beschikt over een uitgebreide expertise op het gebied van vliegoperaties, IT netwerken en systeemintegratie. Zo levert het bedrijf fast air, Intelligence, Surveillance en Reconnaissance (ISR) support en kritieke data oplossingen aan Defensie, de defensie- en luchtvaartindustrie en aan diverse onderzoeksinstituten. De diensten van het bedrijf omvatten onder andere Close Air Support, elektronische oorlogvoering, "red air" training, remote sensing en het slepen van doelen. AEC Skyline's vloot opereert vanaf Groningen Airport Eelde en Breda Airport.

AEC Skyline Supports 2021 Weapons Instructor Course

From 12 to 15 July AEC Skyline deployed two air assets to the Royal Netherlands Air Force's Leeuwarden air base, providing vital support to the final week of the 2021 Weapons Instructor Course's air-to-air phase.

WIC 2021 commenced on 3 May with 24 students from Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway hoping to graduate as fully trained weapon instructors at the end of the course. Actually, six different courses converge during this year's edition with the training of F-16 and C-130 crews now being complemented by the training of F-35 pilots, Patriot surface-to-air missile operators, intelligence staff and Air Battle Managers. This year's course will end on 22 October.

Simulating various Opposing Forces (OPFOR) air-to-ground platforms during the course, AEC Skyline's Learjet 36A and MU-2 linked up daily with a number of fast jets that were used as adversary air assets too. WIC 2021 participants were put to the test during two daily waves with our aircraft's onboard electronic warfare equipment being used to try and disrupt "blue forces" communications.

While on this occasion the Learjet carried jamming pods furnished by NATO's Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff (JEWCS), the MU-2's EW kit consisted of the advanced, internal ASTOR system combined with external pods.

AEC Skyline provides fast air, ISR support and critical data solutions to a wide range of clients including the Netherlands and coalition armed forces, the defence and aerospace industry, as well as to a number of renowned research institutes.

Operating out of Groningen Airport Eelde and Breda Airport, the company offers close air support, EW, “red air” training, target towing and remote sensing together with IT networking, systems integration solutions and consultancy services.

wic 1wic 2

Furious Wolf 21-2: AEC Skyline deploys to the Baltics

Between 21 and 25 June exercise Furious Wolf 21-2 saw AEC Skyline supporting Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Close Air Support (CAS) training at Brigadier General Kazys Veverskis training area in Kazlų Rūda, Lithuania.

Operating out of Kaunas airport, our Learjet 36A platform flew a series of sorties, complementing efforts by Spanish Air Force Eurofighters currently stationed at Lithuania's Šiauliai air base for NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission.

Equipped with a L3Harris Wescam MX-10 EO/IR sensor, Vortex five band duplex datalink (UHF/L/S/C/Ku band), AEC Skyline's Learjet and its crew served a wide training audience that included Dutch and Norwegian JTACs from  the German led multinational enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Lithuania.

Furious Wolf training objectives included the overall development of CAS skills as well as JTAC currency training.

AEC Skyline provides fast air, ISR support and critical data solutions to a wide range of clients including the Netherlands and coalition armed forces, the defence and aerospace industry, as well as to a number of renowned research institutes.

Operating out of Groningen Airport Eelde and Breda International Airport, the company offers close air support, EW, “red air” training, target towing and remote sensing together with IT networking, systems integration solutions and consultancy services.

AEC Skyline en Milrem Robotics bundelen hun krachten

themis observe tethered droneHet Nederlandse defensiebedrijf AEC Skyline en Europa's toonaangevende ontwikkelaar van robotica en autonome systemen Milrem Robotics hebben vorige week een Memorandum of Understanding ondertekend om samen te werken bij de ontwikkeling van onbemande systemen.

De overeenkomst, die werd ondertekend door Stef Have, directeur van AEC Skyline Holding, en Kuldar Väärsi, CEO van Milrem Robotics, baant de weg voor het gezamenlijk ontwikkelen, testen en valideren van producten en software op de werkterreinen van beide partijen.

In het kader van de samenwerkingsovereenkomst zal AEC Skyline optreden als integratiepartner van de producten van Milrem Robotics, waaronder de unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) THeMIS en Multiscope, alsmede het Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle. AEC Skyline zal ook in contact treden met het Nederlandse ministerie van Defensie en met potentiële civiele klanten, voornamelijk in Nederland.

Zes THeMIS UGV's worden intussen al gebruikt door de Robotica & Autonome Systemen (RAS) eenheid van de Koninklijke Landmacht, dit in het kader van een concept development & experimentation (CD&E) programma. Nu willen beide partijen de producten van Milrem Robotics zo positioneren dat ze beantwoorden aan de toekomstige eisen van het Nederlandse ministerie van Defensie, waaronder het gebruik van manned-unmanned teaming.

De partijen onderzoeken de vereisten die kunnen leiden tot de integratie van nieuwe technologieën en payloads, waaronder (tethered) drones, sensoren en bewapening in UGV's. De bedrijven analyseren ook hoe UAV gegevens de door Milrem Robotics ontwikkelde kunstmatige intelligentie en autonome navigatieoplossingen kunnen verbeteren en hun intelligente functies kunnen versterken.

"De tethered drone-technologie van AEC is een welkome aanvulling op de lijst van capaciteiten die nodig zijn bij de ontwikkeling van het European Unmanned Ground System tijdens het iMUGS-project, en daarom heeft Milrem AEC uitgenodigd om met hun technologie een bijdrage te leveren", aldus Kuldar Väärsi, CEO van Milrem Robotics.

themis observe tethered droneStef Have, directeur van AEC Skyline, voegt hieraan toe: "We kijken ernaar uit om bij te dragen aan het productassortiment van Milrem Robotics en belangrijke expertise op het gebied van systeemintegratie toe te voegen aan het partnerschap, dit in nauw contact met de eindgebruiker, zowel militair als civiel."

De bedrijven hebben counter-UAS technologie en de ontwikkeling van een nieuwe geïntegreerde gebruikersinterface reeds geïdentificeerd als specifieke gebieden voor samenwerking.

Over Milrem Robotics

Milrem Robotics is Europa's toonaangevende ontwikkelaar van robotica en autonome systemen. Het bedrijf heeft twee kantoren in Estland, een in Zweden en Finland en binnenkort een in Nederland.

Milrem Robotics is de leider van een consortium dat 30,6 miljoen euro heeft gekregen van het European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) van de Europese Commissie om een Europees gestandaardiseerd unmanned ground system (UGS) te ontwikkelen.

Tijdens het project, dat de naam iMUGS (Integrated Modular Unmanned Ground System) meekreeg, zal een modulaire en schaalbare architectuur voor hybride manned-unmanned teaming systemen worden ontwikkeld om zo een Europees ecosysteem te standaardiseren voor lucht- en grondplatformen, commandovoerings-, controle- en communicatieapparatuur, sensoren, payloads en algoritmen.

Over AEC Skyline

AEC Skyline beschikt over uitgebreide expertise op het gebied van netwerken en systeemintegratie. Het bedrijf vertegenwoordigt ook een aantal OEM's, waaronder L3Harris Communications Systems West, Haivision, Persistent Systems en Elistair.

Naast kritieke data-oplossingen levert AEC Skyline Intellligence, Surveillance en Reconnaissance (ISR) en fast air support aan Defensie, de defensie- en luchtvaartindustrie en aan diverse onderzoeksinstituten. De diensten van het bedrijf omvatten onder andere close air support, elektronische oorlogvoering, "red air" training, remote sensing en het slepen van doelen. AEC Skyline’s vloot opereert vanaf Groningen Airport Eelde en Breda International Airport.

AEC Skyline awarded United States Air Force Europe JTAC CAS contract

Thursday 11 February 2021

Operating out of Zweibrücken airport in Germany under a permit issued by German authorities, AEC Skyline’s fleet of upgraded Aero L39 jet trainers has now commenced supporting Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) Close Air Support (CAS) training on behalf of the United States Air Force in Europe (USAFE). The initial 11 February mission saw one of our L39s supporting training in the US military’s Baumholder training area.

Flying under a contract that could extend to 30 September 2025, our L39s carry a L3Harris Wescam MX-15D EO/IR sensor pod equipped with laser spot tracker as well as night vision devices, IR pointers and UHF, VHF radios to enable both day and night CAS tactical employment capability. Our digital duplex datalink, operating in the L, S, C and Ku frequency bands, provides full support for full motion video and Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) training.

High end training support

Adhering to internationally agreed JTAC standards, performance includes flying up to 320 flying hours per year with a maximum of 12 hours per day. Units being supported are the Warrior Preparation Center’s 4th Combat Training Squadron as well as the 4th Air Support Operations Group and subordinate units with training being performed in primary training areas in Germany and in other European countries if required. Regardless of any repositioning of forces allocated to United States European Command (USEUCOM), AEC Skyline stays committed to providing full, high end training support, hereby ensuring the continuation of training aimed at integrating air combat power and surface fires.

Capable of speeds in excess of 300 knots indicated air speed, sustaining with ease the 4Gs required under the contract, our L39s have the capability to perform tactical manoeuvring to achieve up to 30 degree deliveries that include simulated ordnance release. A time on station in excess of 40 minutes is guaranteed with our aircraft being capable of operating at altitudes well in excess of 10,000 feet MSL, coping with high density altitude environments as well. Now recognised by the USAFE, AEC Skyline’s L39 aircraft are capable of supporting realistic air-to-ground training operations, performing flight manoeuvers that simulate those of modern fighter/attack aircraft, however at much lower cost.


AEC Skyline Supports Manned- Unmanned Teaming efforts of the Dutch Defense Helicopter Command

mum t l36a v1

On 20, 21 January AEC Skyline’s modified Learjet 36A platform supported a first series of trials linked to the ongoing Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) of the Dutch Defense Helicopter Command’s Block 2 upgraded Boeing AH-64D Apache attack helicopter.

Operating over Low Flying Area 7 Veluwe during the trials, the L3 Wescam MX-10 EO/IR sensor pod equipped Learjet aircraft acted as a surrogate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, enabling the helicopter command’s attack helicopter unit to pursue its MUM-T objectives.

They include overall familiarisation, setup and troubleshooting with the MUM-T system that is supported by the Block 2 AH-64D’s on board L3 Harris ROVER 6 five band line of sight video transceiver capability (UHF/L/S/C/Ku band).  On both days the Learjet’s on board Vortex digital duplex multi band datalink, another L3 Harris product, demonstrated it has a high degree of connectivity with ROVER 6, even at long ranges. With the help of the AEC Skyline team specific waveforms supported by ROVER 6 and different data rates are tested during a series of trials.mum t ah64d.1

Subsequent flying saw the Learjet being used for target handovers and in support of the helicopters’ attack profiles with imagery generated by the MX-10 sensor being presented to participating helicopter crews on their multipurpose displays well before reaching their engagement area. Level 2 MUM-T interoperability was thus achieved meaning the direct receipt of data and full motion video from a (surrogate) UAS by a manned helicopter.

These trials pave the way for the advent of the new AH-64E version of the Apache attack helicopter which is destined to enter service with the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 2022. The Apache remanufacturing programme will introduce a much improved, level 4 MUM-T capability which allows the AH-64E aircrew to control the UAS platform and its payload, except for recovery

AEC Skyline supports trinational SOF exercise in Denmark


AEC Skyline deployed its bespoke ISR services to Denmark in support of the Composite Special Operations Air Task Group (C-SOATG) being trained there during exercise Trojan Phoenix. Held by the Danish, Dutch and Belgian military between 26 October and 6 November, the certification exercise saw AEC Skyline together with Smart Delta company installing an advanced networking solution, hereby enabling the delivery of an ISR feed to Aalborg air base, where the trinational SOF Air C2 element was based. Originating from AEC Skyline’s EO/IR sensor and video downlink equipped Learjet 36 platform, the full motion video feed was distributed by the company’s ground control station to the SOATG, the Exercise Control (EXCON) organisation and the Tactical Operations Center managing US air assets made available for the exercise. In addition, AEC Skyline also deployed one of its inflatable full scale surrogate targets, operating in Central and North Jutland and the island of Bornholm in support of the exercise’s many ISR and Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) scenarios.

Exercise Trojan Phoenix is part of the wider effort by Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium to field a Composite Special Operations Component Command (C-SOCC), a process that commenced in early 2017. During 2021, this SOF headquarters will be on standby to meet any contingency that might require the activation of the NATO Response Force (NRF).

In order to counter the threat posed by Covid-19, all personnel participating in the exercise underwent frequent testing with strict hygiene and distancing measures being enforced.

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